Repeat The Sounding Joy x Violet Victory

5 bloom, 31” tall

3-4 way branching / 15 buds


Bloom season: mid

Some rebloom

Foliage: semi-evergreen

UF quilled crispate




Prairie’s Edge Megan Leigh – Hunter 2024

Very consistent, and long a favorite of visitors to the garden. When it was in bloom for the first time, one of my mentors (Ginny Pearce) passed by hundreds of pretty faces, until she stopped and pointed at this one. Maybe in another 10 years I will develop that eye. Megan is a lovely mulberry rose with a green heart that bleeds into an eggplant band. The lightly ruffled petals are edged in eggplant and white. Gently quilled sepals have a fine white edge. Having good substance, the blooms don’t mind rain, and still are pretty at the end of the day in spite of their dark color. Tall, sturdy scapes display the almost always perfect blooms nicely above attractive foliage.

I have seen some instant rebloom, but not enough to register her as such. If I provided water and fertilizer, I would probably see more, but the plants don’t get that kind of help here. Fertile both ways and hoping to get more consistent rebloom in her progeny, while keeping what I can of her substance, color, form, and branching. Is that asking too much? I crossed her with a sibling that DOES rebloom, so fingers crossed. As with several of my other introductions, this one was chosen by my friend Ellen to add to her growing family namesake garden.

$95 / double fan